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Baby Dick's Teenie Weenie Micropenis Humiliation


Poor little babydick had been feeling very depressed at the state of his sex life. What was so depressing? Well, babydick’s never had sex for the obvious reasons. Aside from showing me a picture of his dicklet, officially the dinkiest dick ever, he’s never shown it to anyone in real life. Last year I gave him a speedo assignment when everyone was out on the beach, but he didn’t have the balls (notice my pun there, lol) to follow through. But I do so want to give him that very public humiliation he craves so much. Sometimes when we’re on phone sex call I have him put me on speaker phone so I can yell very loudly how his dicklet is far too tiny. I’ll yell out “B’s got a baby dick!” or “B’s got a micropenis!”. We only do this on his commute because it arouses him and amuses me to think that some of the neighboring cars might hear me confessing babydick’s shame. Yeah, the little perv has the audacity to make finger babies in traffic!

But last night we were playing and he was wanking the hell out of his shrimpy and I made a deal with him. If he could hit his eye with his spunk, he wouldn’t have to eat it. However if he failed to hit the target, he’d have to lick every drop up. I knew he would fail before we began. In the first place, you have to have a dick to aim. Second, the trajectory was a bitch. And three… we’ll I knew that pathetic little wanker couldn’t shoot far enough to make it happen. And I was right, he failed and I forced him to lick his cum up. I always have so much fun cock mocking him… but then you know small cock humiliation is kind of a passion of mine, lol! Call me tonight for your own kinky phone fantasy!

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